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Research studies are enrolling now.

Those who qualify may receive*:

  1. Payment up to $750, which varies by study
  2. Study-related care at no cost from local doctors
  3. Study medication at no cost

Plus, no cost to you.
No health insurance or referral needed.

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What is Diabetic Nerve Pain?

  • Diabetes can damage nerves throughout your body.
  • This nerve damage is called Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy or Diabetic Nerve Pain.
  • It is the most common, long-term complication of Diabetes.

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can occur if you have diabetes. High blood sugar (glucose) can injure nerves throughout your body. Diabetic neuropathy most often damages nerves in your legs and feet.

Depending on the affected nerves, diabetic neuropathy symptoms can range from pain and numbness in your legs and feet to problems with your digestive system, urinary tract, blood vessels and heart. Some people have mild symptoms. But for others, diabetic neuropathy can be quite painful and disabling.

Diabetic neuropathy is a serious diabetes complication that may affect as many as 50% of people with diabetes. But you can often prevent diabetic neuropathy or slow its progress with consistent blood sugar management and a healthy lifestyle.


There are four main types of diabetic neuropathy. You can have one type or more than one type of neuropathy.

Your symptoms will depend on the type you have and which nerves are affected. Usually, symptoms develop gradually. You may not notice anything is wrong until considerable nerve damage has occurred.

Peripheral neuropathy

This type of neuropathy may also be called distal symmetric peripheral neuropathy. It’s the most common type of diabetic neuropathy. It affects the feet and legs first, followed by the hands and arms. Signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are often worse at night, and may include:

  • Numbness or reduced ability to feel pain or temperature changes
  • Tingling or burning sensation
  • Sharp pains or cramps
  • Increased sensitivity to touch — for some people, even a bedsheet’s weight can be painful
  • Serious foot problems, such as ulcers, infections, and bone and joint pain

Autonomic neuropathy

The autonomic nervous system controls your heart, bladder, stomach, intestines, sex organs and eyes. Diabetes can affect nerves in any of these areas, possibly causing:

  • A lack of awareness that blood sugar levels are low (hypoglycemia unawareness)
  • Bladder or bowel problems
  • Slow stomach emptying (gastroparesis), causing nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite
  • Changes in the way your eyes adjust from light to dark
  • Decreased sexual response

Proximal neuropathy (diabetic polyradiculopathy)

This type of neuropathy — also called diabetic amyotrophy — often affects nerves in the thighs, hips, buttocks or legs. It can also affect the abdominal and chest area. Symptoms are usually on one side of the body, but may spread to the other side. You may have:

  • Severe pain in a hip and thigh or buttock
  • Eventual weak and shrinking thigh muscles
  • Difficulty rising from a sitting position
  • Severe stomach pain

Mononeuropathy (focal neuropathy)

There are two types of mononeuropathy — cranial and peripheral. Mononeuropathy refers to damage to a specific nerve. Mononeuropathy may also lead to:

  • Difficulty focusing or double vision
  • Aching behind one eye
  • Paralysis on one side of your face (Bell’s palsy)
  • Numbness or tingling in your hand or fingers, except your pinkie (little finger)
  • Weakness in your hand that may cause you to drop things

What Problems Might it Cause?

  • You might feel extreme pain with numbness, burning or shooting pins and needles pain in your legs and feet.
  • Some people even describe it as an electric shock-like pain.
  • You may also be at an increased risk of falling due to the loss of sensation in your legs and feet.

What are Possible Treatments Options?

  • Not all medications relieve the symptoms and problems that can occur with Diabetic Nerve Pain.
  • If you suffer from Diabetic Nerve Pain in both legs or feet you may qualify for local research studies.
  • These studies are testing study medications that are not available from your regular doctor.

Take the next step to see if you qualify for local research studies for people with Diabetic Nerve Pain. But don’t delay — space is limited!

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Welcome the finest supplement to regulate the blood pressure if you have the challenge of higher blood force. It is a superb blood force administration supplement. It can regulate your blood strain as nicely as control your cholesterol degree and sugar amount. About this, the cell reinforcements contained in StrictionBP are professed to progress coronary heart wellbeing.

It is created with normal elements and is the most effective formulation introduced in the current market for BP individuals. It is 100% safe nutritional supplement. In excess of 80 million developed-ups in the US are enduring significant blood pressure. When still left untreated, can prompt heart assault, stroke, solidifying of the provide routes, eyesight misfortune, angina, and memory misfortune. This is a herbal supplement containing completely natural elements and clinically proven to work. Hence, this addition is safe to use by all users.

What Is StrictionBP?

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Striction BP General

This natural hypertension supplement is completely safe. It uses clinically proven ingredients to manage your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. This also provides cells with nutrients and antioxidants to improve overall health. It is a dietary supplement that contains many herbs that consider reducing all its causes.

How Does StrictionBP Works?

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Ingredients Of StrictionBP

Ceylon cinnamon: It looks very rare and affordable compared to other varieties. But brings many health benefits that inhibit blood pressure and other symptoms when used correctly in everyday life.

Magnesium Malate: This is the most bioavailable form of magnesium and together with cinnamon provides excellent antihypertensive shocks.

Vitamin B6: It has over 100 approved treatments, including prevention of heart disease. It turns out to increase the absorption of magnesium in cells.


  1. 101 Foods To Naturally Lower Blood Pressure.
  2. 7-Day Meal Plan.
  3. 7-Day Meal Plan-Grocery Shopping List.
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  • You can buy it only through the official website and not available in other stores.
  • If you take any other medicine, you can consult a doctor and then start using it.

StrictionBP TestimonialsConclusion

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Focusene Memory Booster Review

It’s been called the real-life Limitless Pill – and not by the manufacturers themselves. As one of the newer offerings in the nootropic industry, Focusene Memory Booster has been generating a bit of a stir on the internet, with many of the nootropic sites and forums raving about it.

Is Your Memory Bad?

I never had great memory to begin with, but then it got worse. I would end up telling the same story twice to a friend, or not remember something that happened to me not too long ago. I was much too young for my memory to give out! Sometimes I felt anxious and afraid of how much worse it could get.

I tried various tools and tricks to help my memory, like to-do lists and calendars and apps, but that would only get me so far. And besides, forgetting significant events in my life is something that no list or app can remedy.

What I now realize is It’s not in your head, it’s in your body. What Tranquility Labs have discovered is that a majority of people who suffer from memory, attention and concentration problems are missing key nutritional elements in their diet, which throws their brain chemistry off balance. With the increasingly nutrient-deficient processed food on the market today, cognitive issues are on the rise in a major way.

We have good news.

I want to share with you a number of exciting advancements that have been made in the science of enhancing memory and concentration while fighting attention problems and poor focus. In recent years, a handful of enzymes, amino acids, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals have been identified as effective in improving brain functioning. The powerful result when these vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and herbs are combined has to be seen to believed.*

Focusene works by optimizing the effects of these natural compounds and other key ingredients in a powerful but safe and non-addictive formula. Here are the main components:

Advancement 1: Dandelion Extract


Dandelion Leaf is rich in Luteolin, a powerful PDE4 inhibitor. PDE4 inhibitors have been scientifically shown to improve memory, wakefulness and general cognition. Dandelion has roughly 10 times the Luteolin content of artichoke extract, one of the most popular natural nootropic luteolin sources. We are the first company to feature dandelion as our preferred source of Luteolin.

Advancement 2: Forskolin


Forskolin, the active compound in the Coleus Forskohlii plant, has been shown to boost cAMP levels in the brain. To put it simply, cAMP is a form of cellular energy responsible for sending signals between cells. Boosting cAMP is like turning up the dial on the strength of your brain signals. Combined with luteolin, Forskolin has been scientifically shown to increase the strength and duration of cAMP in brain cells.

Advancement 3: L-Theanine


L-theanine, L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, increases the activity of GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps reduce physical tension, among other functions. L-theanine also stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter frequently out of balance in those who suffer from poor concentration or attention problems.

Advancement 4: Acetyl-L-Carnitine


Shown to boost physical and mental energy naturally, ALCAR is an antioxidant amino acid derived from the less bioavailable L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is produced in the liver and also ingested in some foods. ALCAR works as a procurer to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which impacts memory and attentiveness. Optimizing acetylcholine has been shown to positively impact mental focus as well as improve sleep and mood. Within Focusene, ALCAR works to counter the acetylcholinesterase – which can be bad for focus – created by increasing cAMP.

Advancement 5: Phenylalanine


An amino acid often found in nuts and legumes that is a known precursor to Dopamine and Norepinephrine, two of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain for regulating memory, concentration, focus and brain signals. Having more Phenylalanine available in your diet means having more of the essential building block of the concentration-center of your brain.

Advancement 6: Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri)

Brahmi (Bacopa)

Often used by Ayurvedic healers, Bacopa is traditionally prescribed to promote healthy cognitive function, including focus, concentration, mental endurance and memory. Modern studies also demonstrate that bacopa is fantastic for supporting the body through times of high mental stress.

Advancement 7: Deanol (DMAE)


Deanol is needed to build the chemical choline. Having more choline in the body has been shown to increase the production of acetylcholine, which is critical to brain and nervous system function. There is a growing body of research in support of using DEANOL to fight attention problems as well as cognitive decline.

Advancement 8: Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

Getting enough of the many forms of Vitamin B is essential to maintaining proper brain function. Vitamin B is involved in the metabolism, as well as the production of Serotonin. Low levels of Vitamin B have been linked to anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, irritability, and emotional instability. Focusene contains vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 and B12.

Advancement 9: Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

The ginkgo tree is a living fossil that produces leaves that have been used medicinally since early human civilization. Extracts made of these leaves have powerful impact on cognitive ability. Ginkgo is commonly used as a nootropic to support memory and concentration and strengthens the function of the serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine neurotransmitters. It has also been shown in studies to fight memory loss decline.

Advancement 10: Korean Red Ginseng


Asian ginseng has been used for many centuries for a variety of traditional uses, including support for memory and positive mood. Often used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote vigor and healthy blood, ginseng is one of the oldest herbal compounds in eastern medical traditions.

Advancement 11: Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seeds contain powerful antioxidants as well as a high concentration of vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid and phenolic procyanidins (OPCs). There are a number of potential benefits to supplementing with Grape Seed Extract, but OPC’s are possibly the most important. Lab studies have shown that OPCs help regulate the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, which are implicated in attention problems and impact focus, concentration and memory. Grape Seed Extract also helps better enable your blood to transport vital nutrients to the brain.


When we combined these into a supplement we were astounded by the results

Not only did focus dramatically improve quickly*, both concentration and memory began to improve steadily over time. The secret behind the success was an enabling nutrient blend, formulated through a great deal of research and development, which intensifies the power of these ingredients Fast forward to the present day, and we have what we believe to be the most successful, fast-acting all–natural focus, concentration and memory supplement available. The results have to be experienced to be believed.

“Focusene is the most advanced, effective, natural brain booster for people fighting memory and attention problems.”

That’s because no other company has spent as much time researching and developing a formula that acts to boost focus and brain signal strength while also working to improve the brain’s memory retention for the long term – taking into account all of the emerging scientific research. No other company has a product that acts as fast AND gets more effective the more you use it.

No longer will you have to deal with being so easily distracted, not retaining what you’ve heard and read and struggling to stay focused. Starting today, you will begin to discover the calm, FOCUSED you within. You can overcome your attention and memory problems without addictive drugs that change who you are. You can find that inner happiness with a safe, natural formula. It will work for you — or your money back.

The Focusene Program — a monthly delivery of this powerful supplement

Focusene for Focus Concentration and Memory

By Tranquility Labs LLC

List Price:$49.95
Sale Price:$39.95 per month & ships within 24 hours
Availability:In stock
Contains:60 capsules – 30 day supply
Delivered:Every 30 days
Guarantee:60 day full money-back guarantee.
Average Rating:90 Percent Approve
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Frequently Asked Questions about Focusene

How do I know if Focusene is right for me?
Focusene is for men or women who are experiencing:

  • Attention problems
  • Lack of focus
  • Poor short-term memory
  • Constant distraction
  • Low energy
  • Difficulty GETTING IT DONE

Where is Focusene manufactured?
Focusene is made in the USA in a facility that meets FDA guidelines and was awarded the NSF Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) seal of approval. Sadly, many stress and anxiety products available online are made in China. China currently has a bad track record with product contamination after lead was found in numerous products.

How long will it take to reach me? 
All orders are shipped USPS First Class with tracking. Orders are shipped within one business day and, for orders within the US, it should reach you within a week.

How long does Focusene take to work? 
This formula works in two parts: 1) to quickly snap you into a focused state of mind and 2) to restore balance to your body’s natural concentration and memory-retention systems. The immediate effects can take effect very quickly. The long term balance takes consistency, however, which is why we recommend taking Focusene for at least three or four months.

Is it shipped discreetly?
Yes, it comes in a plain brown package that simply bears the name “Tranquility Labs LLC”.

How can I check the status of my order?
Feel free to ask us about the status of your order at [email protected], or use the tracking number supplied in your e-mailed receipt to keep track of your shipment’s location.

How do I order Focusene?
You can order online at Focusene.com (just click any of the order buttons on this page). All you need is an address and your credit card

How do I cancel my auto ship? 
You can cancel at any time by emailing [email protected]. Your cancellation will be processed within 48 hours.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. We apologize, but we do not accept cash, checks, money orders or PayPal.

How can I be sure my information is secure?
Tranquility Labs LLC only uses encrypted, PCI-compliant methods for storing and transferring customer data. Customer security is a top priority and we are a fully registered, PCI-compliant merchant.



Supplement Facts:

Supp facts

Tinnitus 911 Review

The Tinnitus 911 Review

Every part of the body starts decreasing its vitality after passing any specific age. The health needs some really specific food to remain stable. But, this busy era doesn’t let us take care of ourselves. We are becoming addicts to drugs like medications for everything and only a few of them are reliable. Tinnitus 911 Supplement is a unique formula to treat the health issues related to ears. The ears consist of some really complex structures. There are very few medicines are introduced to cure the problems related to ears as compared to other medications. The ears can cause severe pain once they are damaged.

After the age of 40, humans start losing his vitality. Because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties, it’s equipped for treating diseases that are probably going to cause tinnitus. In any case, it’s critical to appreciate and acknowledge, that, at any rate by and by, there’s no cure. So multi-month on, you may be intrigued to comprehend the strategy by which the cure has advanced. Tinnitus comes about because of various conceivable causes and treatment alternatives are similarly as Tinnitus 911 fluctuated. Tinnitus treatment begins with an exhaustive exam. It regularly includes a mix of methodologies.

Researchers have noted there is a sizable fake treatment part to tinnitus organization. As per the former examinations and the present investigation, Ginkgo biloba can be thought of as a promising decision to upgrade tinnitus together with additionally ponders. Also, Tinnitus 911 results from natural and supplement drug could be utilized between medicines tinnitus 911 dosage to accomplish more far-reaching targets. This kind of tinnitus which not simply the patient, but rather moreover the human services supplier can hear. In all medications, it’s essential to recognize three methodologies. This is what you have to know alongside some exhortation and medications that may help.

What Is Tinnitus 911?

Tinnitus 911 is an incredibly natural add-on that helps keep the sound of the internal earpiece for the rest of your life. This supplement improves brain activity and protects against further brain diseases. Charlie Gaines created this attachment to help tinnitus. You do not need to use sound therapy, expensive surgery, medicines, hearing aids, etc.

Tinnitus 911 works

This extremely anti-noise in your ears will free you from the disease of the brain and tinnitus. It helps to reduce dizziness, dilemma, and nausea. This product provides real power through the power hose. This will help to reduce serious brain problems. In addition. People also have excellent IQ performance and memory. This add-on helps to lose memory. This supplement helps to solve the problem of tinnitus.

What is in Tinnitus 911 – is tinnitus 911 legitimate?

Tinnitus 911 is a supplement which is specially designed to cure complicated ears related issue named as tinnitus. The specific cause of tinnitus is the loss of hair present in the cochlea of the inner ear. This happens when we are more open to the noisy environment. The use of high volume in headphones can also cause this issue. People with tinnitus when referring to a doctor, the doctor can’t even diagnose it because he can’t hear those sounds which the patient suffer with. Tinnitus 911 pills are specially designed by the experts in ENT and it is developed in FDA approved labs. It can directly affect the brain and causes some serious danger to the brainy activities. It disturbs the daily life and irritates the person with those irritating noises and sounds in the ears. This is the best-developed supplement to overcome the tinnitus and it can directly cure the problem within months.

How Does It Work?

First Stage: Your Hearing Starts To Clear In a Few Days: In the first step, you’ll be able to restore your nervous system, and within weeks or months you start to hear clearly and get the necessary help.

Second Stage: Get Back Your Normal And Quiet Mind: On the other side, you can say goodbye to tinnitus. This will strengthen your brain networks. You will experience less fatigue and crystal-clear thinking.

Third Stage: Your Memory Grows Stronger: You can enjoy the teenager memory immediately. Most patients remember back memories and eliminate Alzheimer’s disease.

Fourth Stage: Super Charge Your Brain, And Regeneration Of Cells: In this fourth stage, individuals will have amazing things like launching a new clothing line, starting their own business, etc.

Fifth Stage: Get Recovery And Brain Repair: In the last step, people get a cure for tinnitus. As they remember, any inconvenience, pain, and frustration will disappear forever.


Garlic: Garlic is a great source of antioxidants. It activates your memory and fights dementia.

Buchu leaves: This component helps to activate cells.

Juniper berries and Uva Ursi: These guts cleanse your brain of harmful poisons.

Green tea and vitamin C: Green tea doubles the binding of nerves in the brain. Vitamin C in Alzheimer’s disease, tinnitus, tumors, and Parkinson’s disease.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus relieves the nervous system and restores the brain.

Hawthorn berry: This component will cure panic attacks. You will begin to experience significant results.

Olive leaves: This supernatural protects your ears and brain. It protects ear infections and areas of the brain.

Niacin: Also called vitamin B3. This ingredient restores damaged brain cells.

Tinnitus 911 product


  • Tinnitus 911 is a dietary supplement that contains 60 Capsules in a bottle.
  • It breaks the pain, discomfort, and frustration of all nights.
  • This supplement is suitable for anyone regardless of their tinnitus and age conditions.
  • This product will reduce tinnitus if it does not go away.
  • Expensive treatment is not necessary. The Formula is 100% effective.
  • All you have to do is take the pill two times a day for at least 30 days.


  • Children under the age of 18 and Pregnant women should not use this supplement.
  • There is no offline availability.


Benefits of Tinnitus 911

Here are the most prominent benefits of Tinnitus 911

  • Tinnitus 911 improves hearing capability
  • Enhances the nervous system working
  • Completely recover the tinnitus
  • Helps in better blood supply to brain
  • Has no Side effects at all

Tinnitus 911 ingredients

Does Tinnitus 911 Really Work? It’s Processing

Tinnitus 911 works with proper methodology. Many of the supplements don’t give some permanent beneficial effects to the ears and it is way more disturbing. The cochlear damage is caused due to some real time issues and it takes way more time to get cured. This issue is disturbing the nervous system so this is the best supplement to give you real-time benefits forgets rid of this serious disease. It works by curing tinnitus of initial stage and afterward works for enhancing the hearing and nervous system capabilities. It works for the permanent benefits and it starts showing its results after the regular use of a few months.

Charlie Gaines, the mastermind behind this product, has created the Tinnitus 911 supplement so that it works in certain pre-set steps. Here are the steps by which this product works:

Step 1: Thoroughly Diminish the Ringing Sound

Just a few days after starting to take Tinnitus 911, your hearing miraculously starts to clear. In the end, this is the main reason you have bought this supplement in the first place, so it is only normal to get what you paid for. As your brain network stars to get repaired, that whooshing noise is cleared away. Finally, after many months, even years of suffering, you are getting your much-awaited relief.

Step 2: Makes you Mentally Calm

In addition to getting rid of that annoying buzzing in your ears, you notice how your mind becomes to clear. You are finally able to feel the mental silence and enjoy it.

Step 3: Better your Memory

After you finally break free from Tinnitus and you find out how amazing it feels to experience mental stillness & peace, you start to notice how your memory gets better by the day. At this stage of the process, you start to enjoy stronger cognitive functions.

This is the place that triggered a lot of success stories. You begin to think better, make better decisions and experience crystal clear focus. To top it all, you regain your peaceful sleep, which is in itself a miracle that is induced by the Tinnitus 911.

Step 4: Getting the better results or not?

Yes, it does. With Phytage Labs Tinnitus 911, you are not just removing Tinnitus from your head, you are also becoming supercharged. Your brain cells literally become full of energy, and you start to get smarter by the day. At this phase, you start to do things you didn’t think were possible before. You might even start your own business or grow in your career due to the mental boost you received.

Tinnitus 911 Side Effects

Although, this product is made up of natural and herbal ingredients. So, there is no any side effect observed yet. By viewing many viewers opinions, there is no Tinnitus 911 complaints have observed.

How to intake Tennitus 911?

It’s quite easy to consume this supplement. Take the supplement dose twice a day with lukewarm water. Consume it after your meal.

Note: Do not exceed the amount of dose, otherwise it will cause a reaction.

Tinnitus 911 Reviews by Customers

Tinnitus 911 Product Review by the customers are quite valid in its nature.

Jersey: I am 22 years old. I have been suffering from this disorder for two years. I have tried many treatments but no effects were measured. Then I just heard about Tinnitus 911 and ordered product of Phytage Laboratories Tinnitus 911 Amazon. I got it in 3 days. I used it and now I am quite happy to use it. It just gets me rid of the ringing pain of my ears. Just give a damn try to it. Superb product.

Meccdogell: I am 34 years old. Last year I just fell a prey to a road accident. I just got hit on my head and also got many other injuries. I just lost the appropriate working of hearing sense. I got many treatments but no effects have brought by them. So, on the advice of my friend, I used the Tinnitus 911. This is an amazing product to use!


Tinnitus 911 is a highly recommended product. This supplement offers the powerful combo of elements that begin to rejuvenate and rebuild brain cells. You will get compensation for the first 90 days if you are not satisfied. We hope you get accurate results. You can fight tinnitus, brain disorders, and memory loss. It has helped millions of patients with tinnitus to recover, hear and improve their lives. Peoples 100% convinced that you have the best chance of reducing tinnitus. Eventually, you’ll see that your family and friends are talking well to their important people.  So don’t waste your time. Grab it fast before the offer ends.           Download 17

>>> Read More About Tinnitus 911 <<<



This is a full diabetes destroyer review based on a bought product.

After few months of using this product I reverse type 2 diabetes. My glucose levels are more stable and I have more energy.

At first I didn’t believe that type 2 diabetes cure exists without taking medicines. After my important decision I became a reborn person.


Diabetes Destroyer Review

David Andrews is the author of the diabetes solution and former diabetic. His work was inspired by Doctor Roy Taylor, the medical doctor, and professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University in England. Dr. Taylor and his college found out the reason that causes diabetes.

Andrews recreated Taylor’s method and wrote a Diabetes Destroyer book which is promising that disease will not come back after you cure it. After two weeks using the diabetes destroyer system you could be free of diabetes type 2.

The system has four modules – the introduction to diabetes truth, three steps to jumpstart your pancreas, reversing the disease, and finally, reducing or eliminating medication forever.

Should We Blame Fatty Pancreas for Diabetes?

Fat is a product of our overeating, or if we say it differently, we eat more calories than we burn. But fat isn’t just aesthetic issue for people, it can threaten our organs and health. It is known that fat and obesity are causing diseases.

Maybe you heard of fatty liver, but did you hear of the fatty pancreas? And what is pancreas? It is a gland that produces insulin (among others), which is a hormone.

The goal of an insulin is a drop in blood glucose and its conversion into glycogen in the liver.

There is a link between obesity and getting diabetes. And if we have extra pounds, we could have fatty organs too that we don’t see. According to Obesity Society, overweight is a single best predictor of type 2 diabetes.

The data show that 90% of diabetics are overweight or have obesity.

Doctor Taylor did a study on 11 people who had diabetes destroyer review pancreasediabetes, fatty liver and fatty pancreas. The subjects had 600-calorie diet for eight weeks. Diabetics have the problem of insulin intolerance. And when the body does not recognize the insulin, it can’t do its function.

After this 8-week diet, subjects got good results on a glucose tolerance test. So, their pancreas (and insulin at the same time) started to work normally again.
He also claims that fat in liver and pancreas are causing problems. And what is the answer at the end? Why does fat influence on diabetes appearance?

Dr. Taylor figures out that high levels of fat are causing the liver to become insulin resistant. Diabetes emerges because fat around the pancreas doesn’t allow insulin to work.

Here you can read the whole study of Dr. Taylor.

What Exactly do You get With the Product?

David Andrews prepared:

  • Temporary meal plan to dissolve fat deposits around pancreas
  • Seven metabolism-boosting rules for disease to retreat
  • Meal-plan strategies
  • Diabetes workout plan
  • Eight videos created by Andrew and his friend Troy Adashun, who is certified nutrition expert and certified personal trainer
  • Diabetes Destroyer EXPOSE: Health Foods in Disguise (BEWARE!)

The first paragraph is an introduction. You will be able to read what will follow in the e-book. The first paragraph is motivational. You will motivate yourself to start this plan and to finish it. You will make yourself a “Diabetes-free Bucket list” items, asking yourself what you will do as a diabetes free person.

The paragraph of eating habits of our ancestors is an eye opening.
The author is going to tell you how FDA and pharmaceutical industry is filling their pockets with money on patients account.

How does Diabetes Destoryer Book Work?

The book has phases that a person will get to know one by one. The product has a focus on eating healthy food, especially vegetables and fruit. Meals are balanced with all nutrients that body needs.

A person will have to do two steps and follow the seven rules regarding everyday’s life activities. The main focus is on nutrition because the diet is crucial in a disease like diabetes.

Step 1: 10 Day Super Drink Cleanse

In 10-day Super Drinks you will find whey protein, liquid coconut oil, coconut water, almond and coconut milk, and lucuma powder.

The drinks are rich in antioxidants, the most powerful diabetic superfoods on the planet, naturally detoxifying ingredients, super diabetic spices, and powerful metabolism boosters.

Drinks contain special ingredients designed to increase energy levels while calories are low, nutrient and fiber-rich carbohydrates to keep you full, delicious diabetic friendly healthy fats, and “secret” diabetic superfoods for added taste.

Recipes cover preparation, ingredients, nutrition facts and total calories per drink.

Coconut Oil

It is proven that coconut is good to reverse type 2 diabetes. Coconut oil has benefits for diabetics and their pancreas. It increases insulin sensitivity that diabetics lack, says Dr. Bruce Fife. It is the most important that diabetics know what food and drink they must consume to jumpstart insulin sensitivity.

Lucuma fruit

Authors in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brazil made an evaluation of the antihyperglycemic and antihypertension potential of native Peruvian fruits using in vitro models.

They found what was essential for cost-effective management of the global epidemic of type 2 diabetes. It’s local food diversity and traditional crops. They conclude very good results of Peruvian fruits as effective type 2 diabetes cure and antihypertension solutions.

Step 2: 8 Week Eating Strategy

After 10-day super drink cleanse you will have lists of food that you can eat. You can drink two of the super drinks per a day. Lists are covering macronutrients and micronutrients. You have the opportunity to combine your meal from these lists of food.

The reader of the book also has meal samples, so you can see some examples of how the day should look like. All meals and drinks are made for boosting your metabolism. Antioxidants play a big role in this nutrition.

The 7 Rules to Live by

In my diabetes destroyer review I also mention the rules for faster results that can be found in the e-book. The author is teaching you what should you be aware of in the restaurants. He will explain to you what to do if you crave something bad and how to make a realistic workout schedule. He also helps with choosing an exercise that you like.

The author gives the examples which food is not good for you to consume, and which ingredients you should avoid. He talks about marketing approaches that attract us in buying food that has no benefits for our health.

What Extra Material You get With the Program?

  • You will have 16 videos to see.
    Troy Adashun gives you examples of exercises that you can choose from. I think the workouts are ok because it will speed up your heart rate and boost your metabolism. These are excellent for burn calories because they are a combination of cardio and strength exercise. This is a good way to increase that glucose in your blood after a meal.
    The personal trainer also gives you examples of his meals. Preparation is easy, and the food is delicious.
  • Accelerated fat burning guide PDF that will help you with manage workouts, progress and stay motivated trough whole time. You also get the summary plan of workouts.
  • A PDF document regarding How to reduce blood pressure naturally. In 40 pages you can read all about blood pressure, what damage can it cause, symptoms, and what are the medical treatments for hypertension. The author will tell you which herbs for diabetes and nutrients will help you with blood pressure.
  • Aging no more is a PDF document that will inform you which are problems of aging, anti-aging treatments, and what are simple ways to prevent aging.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the System


  • With this program you will never have to count calories
  • You can eat food from the diabetic super food list without limitations
  • Option of picking foods from lists like you want (over 1000 different meal combinations)
  • Use of herbs for diabetes treatment
  • Meal suggestions and tips
  • Effective type 2 diabetes cure
  • Saving money instead of buying medications (by author’s data an average of each year)


  • First you have to lose weight
  • It’s a diet. So, it means you are limited to food and drink consumption
  • Some people will have difficulties in the start because of 10 days of liquid food
  • 80% of the time you must be active and eat healthy
  • Permanent lifestyle change for type 2 diabetes cure
  • Diabetics could be in doubt if they can stop taking the drugs and if this diet is safe

How Much is the Price and is It Risk-Free?

diabetes destroyer money back guaranteeThe price for diabetes solution system is But you can take advantage of my coupon code and save.

When you write your best email address in the box and click Add to Cart button down bellow, you will be redirected to the purchase site of the product.

On the right side, you will see the price and under the coupon code box. Write the coupon code into the box and click apply. When you fill up the order form completely, you just have to click pay now, and you are ready for the adventure.

If you decide to purchase the product you don’t have to worry, it is a safe purchase. If you are not satisfied with the book and results, you can get money back without questions asked within 60 days after purchase. You just contact the author on email: [email protected] and he will get you a full refund.


At the end of my diabetes destroyer review I should say that this diabetes book isn’t a scam. If we look the product as a whole, it is quite good. It has logical statements and explanations of what a diabetic should know and do for leaving diabetes type 2 behind.

When reading and looking the program, I found it useful even for other healthy people. I think that we eat many garbage foods that companies sell to us. I believe that pharmaceutical and other food companies have approaches to make their budget even bigger. And this includes non-ethnical methods.

Other diabetes destroyer reviews are positive. Costumers are reporting of reducing insulin shots and becoming a diabetes free person. I think that every diabetic should try this program regardless if he will just decrease his insulin dose and not become the diabetes-free person.

I am sure that this program is positive and will change a diabetic’s life for certainty. The price is very little for a diabetic, if he wants to give it a try on his new life.

With the product you get 3 PDF’s. You will read accelerated fat burning guide, aging no more, and reducing blood pressure naturally. If you don’t see any results, you can ask for money back guarantee in 60 days after the purchase.



Skincell Pro Moles and Skin Tags Remover Review

Complete Skincell Pro Mole and Skin Tag Corrector Serum Review

Tired of mole, warts and skin tags on your skin?

Are you wondering how to make skin clear and smooth without the skin tags?

I have good news to break to you- Shocking results from Skincell Pro Mole and Skin Tag Corrector Serum! This excellent mole removal serum removes moles, warts and skin tags without pain at the comfort of your home! Read on for the complete Skincell Pro Mole and Skin Tag Corrector Serum Review.

Skin tags and other skin eruptions change the beautiful appearance of your skin. ‘How to remove warts naturally’ is your question? Worry not! Skincell Pro Mole and Skin Tag corrector serum shocking results will change your face around! Buy Skincell Pro now and witness the difference.

What Causes Skin Tags?

First, the good news: Skin tags are benign and cause no symptoms. These harmless growths of skin can be right on the skin surface or seem to sprout from a thin stalk of skin and hang off the body. Also called cutaneous tags, soft fibromas, acrochordons, and fibroepithelial polyps, skin tags are mostly flesh-colored growths, although some may be darker in color.

Skin tags are small, usually measured in millimeters, but can grow to a half-inch in length. A skin tag may start to develop without you’re even noticing. Once formed, they typically don’t get any bigger. They can show up virtually anywhere on the body, but are most often on the eyelids, the neck, the groin area, and in the armpits — basically on areas of the body with folds. You may have just one or two or many, and they might be in isolated spots or in a group with many skin tags.

Skin tags are very common. About 25 percent of people will develop skin tags, usually starting after the age of 50. Skin tags are more common among people with diabetes as well as people who are overweight or obese — conditions that often go together.

The friction created by skin rubbing against skin, a side effect of being overweight, is what causes skin tags in certain people, and explains why skin tags often grow in body folds.

Repetitive friction and wearing tight clothes may contribute to skin tags in people who are overweight. According to a medical paper written by dermatologists in Spain, an obese patient, whose job required repeating lifting of her arms, developed a pattern of skin tags along her bra straps from the constant friction. Avoiding tight clothing if you are overweight is suggested.

Fast facts on warts

Here are some key points about warts.

  • A wart is a small growth on the skin that may look like a solid blister or a small cauliflower.
  • Types of wart include common warts, flat warts, pigmented warts, and plantar warts.
  • Black dots in the wart are blood vessels that can lead to bleeding.
  • Most warts disappear in 1 to 5 years without medical treatment, but treatment is available for warts that are large, numerous, or in sensitive areas.
  • Treatments include salicylic acid, duct tape, cryotherapy, surgery, laser treatment, electrocautery, photodynamic therapy, chemical treatments, topical creams, cantharidin, and antigen shots.
  • Warts or verrucae should be covered up with a waterproof Band-Aid when swimming.

What Are Skin Moles

Moles are caused when cells in the skin (melanocytes) grow in clusters or clumps. Melanocytes are distributed throughout your skin and produce melanin, the natural pigment that gives your skin its color.

Melanoma is the main complication of moles. Some people have a higher than average risk of their moles becoming cancerous and developing into melanoma. Factors that increase your risk of melanoma include:

  • Being born with large moles. These types of moles are called congenital nevi. On an infant, such moles are classified as large if they’re more than 2 inches (5 centimeters) in diameter. Even a large mole seldom becomes cancerous and almost never before the child reaches puberty.
  • Having unusual moles. Moles that are bigger than a common mole and irregular in shape are known as atypical (dysplastic) nevi. They tend to be hereditary. And they often have dark brown centers and lighter, uneven borders.
  • Having many moles. Having more than 50 ordinary moles indicates an increased risk of melanoma. Two studies add to the evidence that the number of your moles predict cancer risk. One showed that people under 50 years old who have 20 or more moles on their arms are at increased risk of melanoma. Another showed a relationship between the number of women’s moles and breast cancer risk.
  • Having a personal or family history of melanoma. If you’ve had melanoma before, you are at increased risk of a mole becoming cancerous. In addition, some types of atypical moles lead to a genetic form of melanoma.


What is Skincell Pro Mole and Skin Tag Corrector Serum?

This is a serum to be used directly on the skin tag or mole or wart. The serum comes in a dropper bottle and should be used as per advice only Skincell Pro can be used by both men and women. It is not advisable to be used on children, by pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is best to consult with your physician or dermatologist before you use Skincell Pro if you come under the above-mentioned category.

What is Skincell Pro used for?

It is the best serum to remove moles, light moles and dark moles, big warts, small warts and skin tags. This is your solution to eliminating skin blemishes and imperfections at the comfort of your home!

Remove warts and skin tags without surgery, medicines or any procedure now. No pain and no hassle to remove warts and skin tags with Skincell Pro.

Why wait when you have the magic potion available?

Order your bottle of mole corrector serum Skincell Pro now!

What are the ingredients in Skincell Pro Serum?

Now after hearing and reading about the extremely shocking Skincell Pro reviews, I was definitely curious to know what the ingredients in Skincell Pro are. Since the ‘Skincell Pro Scam Alert’ and ‘Skincell Pro Shocking reviews’ were taking the internet on a toll, so what does this claimed-to-be miracle potion contain? Here we go…

Skincell Pro uses a very ancient remedy by combining all natural ingredients. The primary compounds are Zincum Muriaticum and Sanguinaria Canadensis. The goodness of mineral and flower respectively, have been combined into an odourless, clear liquid serum format. This makes the results quick and application easy! Standardized 80% Skincell Pro 100mg contains:

Zincum Muriaticum

This mineral found in the earth’s crust has an unbelievable action!

Ever wonder at the power of nature? You should!

Zincum Muriaticum has strong antiseptic and disinfectant qualities. Now this mineral is also a natural and powerful skin irritant. In Skincell Pro corrector serum, Zincum Muriaticum works to create a small layer of scabbing over the mole or skin tag blemished area. As a result, the healing over the scar tissue will begin.

Sanguinaria Canadensis

This is a flower native to eastern North America. Sanguinaria Canadensis is a perennial, herbaceous flowering plant which has been historically used in ancient remedies by Native Americans for centuries. This plant and flower are the primary components which stimulate a rush of white blood cells to remove a blemish. Thereby, they contribute to the effectiveness of Skincell Pro’s action on skin blemishes.

Other ingredients in the Smart Cleanse Detox Proprietary Blend:

  • Flaxseed
  • Oat Bran
  • Papaya Leaf Extract
  • Black Walnut Hull
  • Prune Extract
  • Aloe Vera
  • Acidophilus
  • Apple Pectin

What does Skincell Pro do to your skin?

Ready to read the interesting action formula of Skincell Pro? So here it is!

The powerful serum of Skincell Pro works to penetrate the root of a mole, skin tag or wart. A few drops of the serum is all that is required to send forth a rush of white blood cells to the blemish. The WBC or the White Blood Cells will stimulate and promote removal and healing. Therefore, you can be free from the blemish on your skin and get clear and smooth skin surface without the pain of any procedure!

Wouldn’t you agree that these are the surprising results of Skincell Pro?

There is no pain, there is no blood, there is no fear of going under the knife. All you need is a bottle of Skincell Pro Mole and Skin Tag corrector serum and the patience for as little as 8 HOURS. Yes, you read that right. 8 Hours is all you need to get rid of moles and skin tags with Skincell Pro revolutionary all-natural formula.

How does Skincell Pro work on skin blemishes?

Skincell Pro gets rid of moles and other skin blemishes for you in 4 stages. You may want to know how exactly it works on your skin. Read on to know…

Stage 1: Application

You start the process by applying a few drops of Skincell Pro on the blemish. It can be a light mole, dark mole, small wart, big wart or skin tags. You can use Skincell Pro on these blemishes in anywhere on the skin. However, it is always best to CONSULT A PHYSICIAN before using Skincell Pro. Also, specify ‘where’ or ‘which part of the skin’ you will be using the serum.

As soon as you apply the serum,  the active ingredient compounds will penetrate your skin and rush to the root of the blemish. Your immune system will be triggered off and the WBCs will arrive at the site of action to commence with removal and healing.

Stage 2: Action

It takes just 8 hours for the ingredients to work. You will notice inflammation and a scab formed over the blemish. DO NOT USE Skincell Pro over the scab. Stop applying the serum. Your body will now take care of handling the scar tissue and inflammation. Any redness is also common

Stage 3: Healing

After the scab tissue is formed, do not touch or pick at it. It may lead to scarring. Allow it to heal and fall off naturally. After the scab tissue falls off, to hasten to heal the scab tissue and to prevent scarring, use Skincell Pro’s Skin Repair Cream or Neosporin type product over the scab.

Stage 4: Shocking Results of Skincell Pro!

If you have used the serum correctly, you will be shocked and surprised to see that there is little to no evidence of the blemish! Be it a skin tag, wart or even a big dark mole. There will be no trace of it at all and they will not return.

How to use Skincell Pro?

Use just a few drops of Skincell Pro serum directly over the problematic area. Use Skincell Pro to ONLY remove dark moles, light moles, bog warts, small warts and skin tags.

The product can be used anywhere on the body, but it is advised to CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN and dermatologist before you use the product.

Is Skincell Pro Hoax?

No. Skincell Pro Hoax and Skincell Pro SCAM Alert News are not true! This product has many reviews from buyers and users after purchase. Skincell Pro works and you can try it yourself.

Is Skincell Pro Clinically certified?

Yes, Skincell Pro is a clinically certified and guaranteed product. It is manufactured using the raw materials of highest quality and is made within FDA approved facility and is also GMP certified. You can buy Skincell Pro without being hesitant over its authenticity.

Cons of Skincell Pro

The biggest CON of Skincell Pro is there is not much information available on the manufacturer. If you want to do more background check-up on the developers, which you surely will, there isn’t much information available. This is definitely a big con for those who wish to make an informed purchase of the mole corrector serum.

Where to buy Skincell Pro from?

You can buy Skincell Pro from their official website and also from Amazon. They currently have a 30% ONLINE DISCOUNT on Skincell Pro purchase from their official website! This is huge and you should try it. They also have FREE bottles of Skincell Pro trial offers. If you are in game, then go ahead!

Does Skincell Pro work?

It certainly does!

Skincell Pro with the help of its high-quality ingredients and the revolutionary formula works on your skin to remove blemishes in 8 hours.

What are the side effects of Skincell Pro?

The use of all natural ingredients and compounds does not have any major side effects or allergies attributed to it. Skincell Pro side effects may arise if…

  • You do not use the product properly
  • Recommended dosage isn’t followed
  • You have any previous allergies to any of the individual ingredients mentioned on the contents list
  • You are specifically been asked to keep away from such powerful serums; if you are an expectant mother, nursing mother, a patient already on other medication for skin blemishes, etc.

Reminder: Consult with your physician or dermatologist before using the product.

Benefits of using Skincell Pro

  • Smooth and attractive skin surface is yours!
  • Skincell Pro helps you to get rid of moles, warts and skin tags without any pain.
  • No surgery, no pain, no blood is involved.
  • It is a one-time solution for skin blemishes.
  • You can use Skincell Pro anywhere on your body.
  • The product takes only 8 hours to work!
  • Skincell Pro is available online and you can also RUSH your ORDER and get FREE bottles of Skincell Pro.
  • It is a clinically certified product and is FDA and GMP approved.
  • Both men and women can use Skincell Pro.

Verdict on Skincell Pro Mole and Skin Tag Corrector Serum

We guarantee you that this is an effective and trustworthy solution to get rid of unwanted moles and pesky skin tags from your skin. Skincell Pro is an excellent revolutionary new-all natural formula that delivers fast results, as quick as 8 hours! Skincell Pro is all thumbs up from us and you can rush your order now. Order Now!

Click Here To Order Now!

Benefits of The Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

Benefits of The Best Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide usage has become quite popular these days, especially when you talk about athletic development, stamina building and weightlifting. Some of the best post and pre workout supplements incorporate nitric oxide for enhanced stamina, quick muscle repair, faster recovery and added muscle strength.

The Importance of Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is an important performance enhancer as it is primarily used to eliminate lactic acid build-up. What this does is considerably eliminate fatigue as well as the time required for your muscles to recover.

After weightlifting or an intense stamina building regimen, the arginine levels in your body start to quickly diminish. And what happens, it affects your body’s ability to naturally create nitrous oxide to deal with muscle fatigue and repair, which can significantly slow down your muscle development.

The best nitric oxide supplement can help you restore your nitric oxide levels for added bodybuilding performance. Moreover, it is also important to understand that nitric oxide levels naturally deplete as you age and is also susceptible to decreasing if you are inactive, smoke and eat a diet full of fat and sugar. Consuming nitric oxide drinks can enhance the production of the chemical in your body.

Nitric Oxide Benefits

Some of the best benefits of nitric oxide include:

  • Enhanced Rate of Recovery
  • Reduced Levels of Fatigue during Intense Workout
  • ​Boost in Endurance
  • ​Increase in Energy
  • ​More Muscle Pump

Enhanced Rate of Recovery

Nitric oxide can help with muscle recovery. If you have ever felt completely sapped after a grueling workout session, nitric oxide can help you recover. Some of the best nitric oxide supplements boost your body’s ability to circulate blood to the damaged muscles for quick repair and relaxation. As a result, your muscles also absorb an increased level of oxygen in the blood.

Plus, after your workout, you come home to drink a post-workout drink. The nitric oxide in your blood can help deliver all the nutrients to your muscles efficiently, ensuring quick muscle gain and recovery.

Reduced Levels of Fatigue During an Intense Workout Session

Another really cool benefit of nitric oxide is it can help you stay focused and committed to your workout regimen. If you have felt the need to take breaks longer than 2 minutes between high repetition protocols, then you are in dire need of nitric oxide. It is an effective fatigue killer.

As you work out, your body loses a lot of oxygen, and when that starts, your muscles will begin to produce lactic acid in your muscles, and lactic acid can cause a lot of muscle fatigue.

That burning sensation that you get in your muscles after a high rep workout session, which also compels you to stop the exercise, is lactic acid build-up. Nitric oxide can help reduce this buildupduring and after your workout. This can help you optimally perform intense exercise regimens without having to stop even for a moment.

Boosts Endurance

The best nitric supplement can help you build stamina and muscle endurance, especially if you are an athlete undergoing high level endurance training. Although nitric oxide is believed to be a strength booster compound, it can help with endurance because athletes also require a high level of oxygen in their muscles for increasing and retaining stamina.

This is where nitric oxide can help you a great deal. Using this supplement, you won’t have to worry about getting tired between your workouts.

Increases Energy

Another advantage of using nitric oxide supplements is that it can help you maintain your body’s core temperature level during a workout session. Your body’s core temperature begins to drastically spike and it tries to cool your muscle tissue so that there is no damage. This can be achieved through good blood flow and nitric oxide supplements can help you achieve that.

Increases Muscle Pump

And last but not the least, nitric oxide can help you get a he-man pump after your session. There is no question about how awesome it really feels to have a tight muscle pump after a hard day’s training, this is especially true if you have a decent set of guns.

The natural pump you get after a workout, which momentarily runs out, is the result of your blood circulation calming down. Nitric oxide helps boost your blood flow, which in turn gives you a more defined pump that also lasts a bit longer than usual.

Nitric Oxide Side Effects

There is no doubt that nitric oxide can help athletes and bodybuilder build strength and endurance. However, increased dependence on this supplement can lead to several side effects outlined below:

  • Change in your Blood Pressure – Because NO2 supplements relax your vascular system, promoting increased blood circulation, a consequence of this advantage is a drop in blood pressure when you aren’t using it. Common symptoms include nausea, headaches and dizziness.
  • Intestinal Discomfort – Growing or frequent discomfort in your stomach can be another side effect of using nitric oxide. The common symptoms include an increased bowel movements, stomach pain and nausea. It is strongly advised that you should take the best nitric oxide supplement with food.
  • Fluctuations in Electrolytes in your Body – Increased usage of nitric oxide can adversely affect your body’s chemical environment. For example, it can result in low phosphate, an increase in creatinine production, a drop in sodium, an increase in chloride and enhance your potassium levels, which isn’t healthy at all.

Where to Buy Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide supplements have grown in popularity. Plus, they also come recommended by some of the best bodybuilders in the world. You can easily shop for a bottle of nitric oxide online, however, it is important that you first consult with your doctor before using the supplement.

Click Here To Buy Nitric Oxide Supplements

Review Of Keranique Hair Regrowth System

Are you losing your hair? Does it seem like your hair has stopped growing? Thinning hair and spot baldness can be disastrous to a woman’s self esteem, causing problems like anxiety and depression. Do you want to regrow lost hair while adding volume and thickness? Say goodbye to hats and wigs and keep reading for a review of a clinically-proven hair regrowth system for women called Keranique.


Keranique’s products are designed especially for women with the dual goal of imbuing existing hair with new heath as well as combating hair loss by promoting new growth. Keranique targets the following beauty issues:

  • Thinning hair
  • Hair breakage
  • Pattern baldness
  • General hair loss or “shedding”
  • Limp, lifeless hair

Keranique’s biggest selling point is that they use the only FDA-approved hair growth ingredient for women. Minoxidil is said to optimize a woman’s hair growth cycle, thicken hair shafts, and revitalize hair follicles that may have shriveled up due to factors like:

  • Age/decreasing amounts of keratin
  • Environment/pollutants
  • Repeated dying/bleaching

Keranique’s regrowth system seals hair shafts to mend up to 96% of split ends. And don’t worry, this company doesn’t use parabens, sulfates, or dyes. You can look for Keranique products on Amazon or purchase from sites like DermStore (the regrowth system sells for $39 and the regrowth+styling set is $138).

>> CLICK HERE To Find Out More About Keranique Products & Offers<<


The name “Keranique” comes from the word “keratin,” the protein that is responsible for keeping hair healthy and strong. Keratin is a building block that gives structure to your hair, nails, and outer layer of skin. Healthy hair is about 90% keratin, but that amount decreases as we age.

Keratin gained popularity when it was introduced in saloons as a hair-straightening treatment. It’s now an effective ingredient in many shampoos aimed to improve dry, damaged hair. Many of Keranique’s products contain keratin.


Did you know that clogged follicles can be the cause of thinning hair? Keranique’s 3-step system starts with Scalp Simulating Shampoo. This revitalizing shampoo cleanses scalp and hair by removing dirt, grime, excess oil, pollutants, and buildup from other products. Expect improved strength and thickness with continuing use. Peppermint oil increases blood flow to the follicles to improve the health of hair shafts. Nutrients in the shampoo repair existing damage and add volume to limp hair. Ginseng root extract guards against further damage. A specially-formulated keratin amino acid complex thickens existing hair and helps restore cuticle fibers. With vitamins and antioxidants, this product is formulated to clean the scalp, hair, roots, and follicles to create the ideal environment for healthy hair.

The second step is accomplished with Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, a cream-gel that works best on thin, fine hair to promote shine, volume, body, and dimension. With some of the same ingredients as the shampoo, this product protects and fortifies your newly cleaned hair. The keratin amino acid complex creates a barrier that protects against humidity, moisture, and heat while extract of ginseng root promotes thickness and volume.

Keranique gives customers a choice with step 3. You have the option to promote volume or regrowth, depending on your needs. If you want thicker hair, choose the Follicle Boosting Serum and Amplifying Lift Spray. The serum enhances texture, adds volume, and uses the keratin amino acid complex to repair damage. This serum also includes biopeptides and plant stem cells to stimulate hair follicles.

The Amplifying Lift Spray is a dual action product that adds volume while protecting hair from tip to root. This convenient spray adds instant volume and fullness for a smooth finish, protects against heat damage and breakage, and repairs existing damage. Trichogen, amino acids, botanicals, and proteins protect and restructure. Panthenol locks in moisture and fortifies hair to create lots of bounce.

If you need to regrow lost hair, your step 3 product will be Hair Regrowth Treatment with 2% Minoxidil. This serum is the answer for women with thinning hair and/or spot baldness. A vasodilator, Minoxidil promotes the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and blood to improve hair follicle health. This product comes in a convenient spray, is easy to apply, and should be used twice per day.


You can take advantage of a “free” trial on getkeranique.com. You’ll see a video with some before and after pictures along with some statistics about results. The trial includes the aforementioned shampoo, conditioner, hair regrowth treatment, and lift spray along with a bonus detangling tool. You’ll only pay shipping at time of purchase, which is about $5.00.

If you sign up for the trial, you will receive a 2-month supply. If you read the fine print, you will discover that if you don’t call within 30 days of original purchase, you will be charged $79.95 for the “trial.” You are automatically enrolled in their auto-ship program which will send you a new supply every 60 days for the same price ($79.95). If you do call to cancel, you’ll have to ship the products back to the company within 2 weeks to avoid the charge.


Customer reviews put Keranique products at about a 4 out of 5 star rating. Unfortunately, the company has a very bad reputation in regards to customer service and hidden chargers. Women who didn’t like these products complained that Keranique did nothing at all, made hair loss worse, and/or smelled terrible.

For those who liked this brand, Keranique worked wonders to fix bald spots, increase thickness, and give women back their confidence. Many women immediately noticed a reduction in hair loss/shedding first. Next came the thickening, and finally after several months came the hair growth. It’s important to stick with it, especially if you’re trying to regrow lost hair. It takes time for hair to grow. Make sure to use the regrowth product twice each day for best results. If you follow instructions property, chances are that you will experience positive results. If you’re looking for a cure to gray here, click here.


Although this certainly isn’t the best brand out there, it does seem to work for most women. Minoxidil has been proven to help thicken and regrow hair. However, if you want to try Keranique I wouldn’t sign up for the “free” trial. It takes longer than 30 days to notice a difference, and you’d have to return the products before that time. Buy from a trusted site and find out for yourself if Keranique can solve your hair problems. The best thing about this product is that any woman, no matter what hair type or ethnicity, can use these products. You can even use it on colored hair. Click here for more tips on how to achieve better hair.

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Skin Tightening Treatments – Best Anti-Aging Cream Review

Do you want tighter skin without cosmetic surgery? Are you looking for the best firming cream? Facial firming creams help fight gravity by tightening laxity on the face caused by loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. As we age, the skin is unable to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This causes the skin to droop. As a result, this causes the skin to develop lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Luckily, firming creams can help restore youthful firmness. It’s just a matter of finding the best wrinkle cream for your skin type.

If you’re concerned about skin firmness, take a look at Ursa Major Golden Hour Anti-Aging Collagen Creme. Before you use anything, use this!

There are many face creams, lotions and serums that can help rebuild collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The good news is that unlike fillers, the results wont fade away after a few months. You’re probably wondering what to look for in a firming cream. Many cosmetic companies claim that anti oxidants, vitamins and other nourishing ingredients will help restore firmness and elasticity. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. These ingredients might be helpful to prevent collagen deterioration, but once your skin  begins droop, you need to look out for products that are packed with peptides, stem cells and other anti aging ingredients.

Fine lines, bags under eyes and saggy skin are some aging issues that are known to be remedied by the application of a skin firming cream. These creams won’t show any difference instantly or miraculously, but some changes can be seen after continuous application. Different skin firming creams use various ways to make the skin firmer. While some work on tightening the outer surface, others plump up the skin from within in order to show results. The skin firming creams will fit in the skin care regimen of anyone over 30, provided that it suits their specific skin type and shows adequate results.

What to look for when buying a skin firming cream?

Collagen and elastin – Two words that you may have seen associated with these creams are collagen and elastin. Elastin is a fiber in the body that helps maintain proper elasticity of the skin. Collagen is a protein present beneath the skin, and is responsible for holding the skin tightly without allowing it to sag. As the production of collagen decreases and the elastin starts getting degraded, skin droops and lines become visible. A good skin firming cream will contain ingredients like Keratin, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. You may also come across some lotions that induce skin firming and tightening because they have nano-sized collagen and elastin particles in them. The fact is that even the nano-sized particles are too big to be absorbed by our skin, so these creams are not always as effective as they claim.

Fighting cellulite – Many skin firming creams tighten skin on face and neck by fighting the cellulite present underneath your skin. Cellulite is a condition in which skin gets dimpled and forms lumps due to underlying fat deposits. Those creams that attack cellulite contain caffeine, which removes excess moisture from the dermis and epidermis; retinol, which induces collagen production; L-Carnitine, which improves metabolism by burning fat; and green tea, for improving elasticity.

Coenzyme Q10 – This ingredient has the ability to work on the cellular level by going deep into the skin and fighting free radicals. It also fends off the UVA and UVB radiations.

Naturally derived – Fruit extracts that are present in skin firming creams help by supplying the skin with essential nutrients that balance the oil. Another natural ingredient that can be found in these creams is Wakame seaweed. This can help boost the collagen and elastin levels, giving you firmer and better-toned skin. In addition to the ingredients previously listed, a good skin firming cream should have vitamins (A, C, E) to fight aging, SPF protection of at least 15 and emollients for moisturizing.

Simply knowing which ingredients you should look for is not enough, and it’s important to know that some creams include chemicals that dry out and irritate the skin. Stay away from creams containing chemicals like parabens, mineral oils, alcohols, dioxane and any kind of fragrance. If you are prone to allergies, naturally derived ingredients are something you should look for.

Sometimes all these creams do is moisturize your skin. While moisturizing is helpful, to get the results you paid for, you should check the label before buying. Firming creams are area specific, and therefore your choice should be based on the area you want to target. Some areas of your body that can be tightened using skin firming creams are, face, upper arm, buttocks, backs of legs, abdominal and thigh areas.

Some of these creams are formulated to give short-lived results, while others are known to show a more permanent change when used over a longer period time. For prevention and best results, one doesn’t have to wait for the signs of aging to appear before using a skin firming cream.

Highly Recommended Skin Care Line
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The Keto Diet for Weight Loss Review

The Keto Diet for Weight Loss Review

Photo: Instagram / @alyssa_sparacino

I’m not usually a fan of prescribed “diets”—I live by more of the anti-diet mantra. Call me jaded, but the word “diet” has a bit of a negative connotation these days, with “fad” and “restrictive” usually preceding it. So, when I had the chance to give Hazal Sari RD’s FAST KETO™️ program a two-week test run, I did some serious digging on the ketogenic diet and whether it’s healthy. Hazal Sari RD., is a clinical dietitian and a biochemical scientist. She has worked with over 1000+ patients, and continues to provide weight-loss and nutrition coaching. 

Here’s what I learned about the keto diet: You essentially swap a high-carb diet, which most Americans tend to eat, for a diet that’s very high in fat (the healthy kinds), moderate in protein, and very low in carbohydrates. The idea is that you change the source from which your body gets its energy (and burns calories) from glucose (from carbohydrates) to ketones (from fat). This shift doesn’t happen after one bulletproof coffee, though. It usually takes a few days of eating this way for your body to reach ketosis—where it’s looking to fat as its first source of fuel. Once there, though, your body “will be burning fat all the time,” says Hazal Sari RD. “It doesn’t matter if you’re working out or sleeping, or what you’re doing, your body continues to burn fat in ketosis.”

The concept is rooted in nutrition- and weight-loss science. And from my initial conversations with Hazal Sari RD, I liked knowing that ketogenic diet results are always meant to be time-bound—eating this way is not a lifestyle and that makes sense. You may have heard that the keto diet was ranked last in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2018 list of the best and the worst diets. While I embarked on this journey before that news came out, I would have given the keto diet a try regardless. Part of the criteria for that ranked list was whether a diet was sustainable and easy to follow—the keto diet is neither, but it’s not designed to be. “I don’t recommend people follow strict ketogenic diets for their life,” says Hazal Sari RD. “I recommend 30- to 90-day periods, and after that moving into more of a ‘cycling’ phase, where you can cycle in and out of keto.” Hazal Sari RD admits that following a keto diet will be difficult for most people, since many Americans have diets high in sugar, salt, and carbs. But he says that the potential benefits—boosting brain health, supporting muscles and overall improved performance at the gym, at the office, and in life—are worth putting in the hard work. (Just Look at the Keto Diet Results Jen Widerstrom Saw After 17 Days.)

All of that said, I was ready to put the keto diet to the test—and in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, no less. I relished the idea of proving that eating fat doesn’t make you fat—a diet myth that I’d like to see die a faster death.

The Prep Period

All new habits need a plan. Luckily, I had the FAST KETO™️ Diet (which mapped out how this was all going to go down), Hazal Sari RD at my disposal for ALL the questions, a FAST KETO™️ Diet-approved food list, and a husband who agreed to jump on the two-week keto bandwagon with me. (Research shows that having a buddy system will increase your rate of success in fitness, a diet, and even sticking to your New Year’s resolutions.) Still, sitting down to figure out my first week of keto diet meals and snacks was daunting. (Side note: I knew that if I was going to succeed at this, I’d have to be able to buy lunch. Luckily, Hazal Sari RD is totally on board, saying that most café salad bars will have what I need to create a keto meal—a big spinach salad with salmon and avocado, for example.)

Keto meals seemed so heavy and rich to me, and it just wasn’t how I was used to eating. Plus, I consider myself a flexitarian, so the thought of eating more meat—and more often than I typically would—gave me pause. Hazal Sari RD assured me that even vegetarians could pull off a keto diet if they planned well enough. (Vegans can, too.) That said, he’s a proponent of animal products and red meat specifically, because of the iron it provides for women (who are more susceptible to deficiency) and because it can bolster energy when carbs are lacking. (These Are the Other Things Vegetarians Need to Be Aware of Before Going Keto.)

Still, I enjoy cooking and I plan my meals on the regular anyway. With a keto food list in hand and advice from Hazal Sari RD in my mind, I filled my grocery cart with family-size versions of what I regularly buy (apples, berries, nut butter, kale), and a lot more meat than I ever have in my cart at one time (ground lamb, chicken, REAL bacon). What was missing? Some of my usual high-carb items, like whole-grain English muffins, orange juice, butternut squash, and tortilla chips.


While I was feeling pretty confident about my ability to cut back on obvious carbs, I felt less sure about doubling up on my fat. This is one aspect of the ketogenic diet that I think a lot of people misunderstand. Keto is not just a low-carb diet, it’s a HIGH-fat diet, too.

I can tackle coconut oil and avocado just fine. But there was one thing about the next two weeks that was looming over me: the intermittent fasting (IF) Hazal Sari RD built into his program. (Not all keto diets include this.) On Keto360 you can choose from three different eating windows, and I went for the longest: noon to 8 p.m., which meant I wouldn’t be eating solid food until midday. I have an active fitness schedule, which needs fuel (and recovery) on a regular basis, so I was concerned I’d really miss my morning yogurt with berries and be left feeling hangry by 10 a.m. (Not to mention, some food pros feel the potential benefits of intermittent fasting might not be worth the risks.) Hazal Sari RD assured me that not only could I handle the IF, but that temporarily starving the body this way will allow it to heal. “When you’re fasting for a period of time, you’re essentially letting the systems of your body completely rest and recover.” And he’s right. This is exactly why sleep is the most important thing for weight loss and health, why there are such things as beauty night creams, and why rest days are crucial to meeting any fitness goal. The breaking down of food, the rapid turnover of cells, and the repairing of muscle tears all happen during rest.

Plus, it’s not like I couldn’t feed my body anything until noon. Low-carb keto drinks such as tea, water, and coffee were all options, and Hazal Sari RD suggested adding protein (such as his bone broth or collagen protein powders) to my liquids to help fend off hunger. So, throughout my two weeks, I experimented with Hazal Sari RD’s bone broth protein and collagen protein, as well as unsweetened nondairy milks such as almond and oat milk. I’ll cut to the chase on this one: While expert opinion is mixed on the bioavailability of collagen powder and its potential health benefits, through trial and error, I landed on coffee with oat milk and collagen peptides as my go-to morning brew.

Here’s a snippet of my two-week experience—and the keto diet results that came with it:

Day 1: It’s 8:15 a.m. and my stomach is growling. It knows it’s time for its breakfast, and I’m depriving it. I blended my protein coffee and ran out the door. My first thought is that the vanilla flavor is a nice complement to black coffee. But toward the end of the thermos, I realize that no matter how you dice it, vanilla bone broth protein coffee is not the same as a vanilla blonde roast with skim milk.

Day 2: There’s a bagel shop less than a block from my office. I pass it every single day and never really think anything of it. Well, not today! The smell of the freshly baked everything bagels—and was that veggie cream cheese I smelled?—was wafting out the door as I walked by extra quickly. (Though I found out later that there is a way to have bread and still stay in ketosis.)

Day 3: I’m tired AF. Like the kind of tired when you’re so exhausted you have to use your left arm to lift your right arm. Somehow, I pried myself out of bed to work out only to realize cardio has never been more hardio, so some chill strength training was going to have to do. (I Now Know These 8 Things About Exercising While On the Keto Diet.) Nonetheless, feelings of lethargy were to be expected, says Hazal Sari RD, who says days 2 and 3 were also the hardest for him the first time he tried keto. “Every body is different,” he assures me. “Some people feel better by day 5, others take two weeks.”

Day 4: Grabbing lunch out has been successful thus far. Today was some tilapia, zucchini, and yellow squash, and a kale and tofu side salad. I tossed on half an avocado for good fatty measure. Oh, and I notice that I’ve lost a pound already, which is definitely just water weight—carbs hold water so limiting them is a surefire way to release some fluid in your body—but nonetheless. Weight loss wasn’t my objective, but I doubt I’m alone in thinking, “I’ll take it!”

Day 5: As fate would have it, 3 p.m. rolls around and we get a message that there are cookies in the conference room. I have been snacking on keto-approved foods like Granny Smith apples (the tart green apple has way less sugar than, say, a red Gala), and full-fat cottage cheese with blueberries (where have you been all my life, snack?) with no real trouble with cravings. But just knowing there are cookies that I can’t eat makes me feel a little cheated.  (Though These Low-Carb Keto Desserts Help With That.)


Day 6: When I thought back to what I ate today, I realized that between my salad and my lamb burger, I ate an entire avocado. The FAST KETO™️ Diet plan recommends no more than half an avocado a day, and most nutritionists would probably agree. While the creamy, green fruit is filled with a lot of healthy fats, which I need in excess to stay in ketosis, at 300 calories a pop, that can quickly add up. (One gram of fat equals 9 calories, opposed to 4 calories per gram for both protein and carbs.)

It’s true that calories are not the only thing that matters in your diet, but if you’re trying to lose weight (which is a major reason many people try the keto diet), being mindful of combining all those high-fat foods is important for success.

Day 7: Peak exhaustion set in back on days 3 and 4, but I rounded the corner and started to feel more like myself the last couple days. Now at the halfway mark, I feel like I’ve gotten this keto meal-planning thing down—even if the food isn’t everything I hoped and dreamed. (More on that below). Plus I’m able to effectively train the way I’m used to. Over the weekend I hit the barre, the bike, and the (kettle)bells, and it feels great. I have my energy back and then some. And I simultaneously feel lighter (down another pound) and stronger.

Day 8: I’m still struggling to find a morning beverage that I enjoy and that keeps me full, so I try flavorless collagen protein powder with my coffee plus a splash of macadamia nut milk. It still isn’t the same as a French press with cream, but it’s a win! On the solid-food front, I’m starting to get a little grossed out about all the meat I’ve eaten in the past week. It’s more than I’d normally eat in three times as long. Lamb burgers, turkey lettuce-wrap tacos, chicken salads. My digestion is off (even though I take probiotics every morning), so Hazal Sari RD recommends his Keto Digest supplements at lunch. They contain fat-digesting enzymes to help break down the extra fat and protein that my body isn’t used to consuming, and it helps.

Day 9: I caved. I was running out the door for a morning workout and I had a hefty spoonful of peanut butter this morning, but I was hangry, okay?! While I silently wonder if that’s enough to send me out of ketosis, there’s really no guilt (food should never make you feel guilty, IMO). I need fuel for my workout—period.

Day 10: I’m starting to get sick of the same foods that I know are safe bets. And the number of times I’ve Googled: “Is _____ keto?” is getting out of hand. I’ve realized that the only real gripe I have with the keto diet is that there are so many healthy, nutritious foods that you can’t eat while on it. (Maybe that’s why experts say you should give up restrictive diets once and for all.) Carrots? Sweet potatoes? Brussels sprouts? What vitamins and nutrients am I missing out on by leaving these foods off my plate?

Day 11: The women at the salad shop accidentally put bread in my bag even though I said no bread. I threw it out on my way out the door. Today is a sad day. In other news, my energy is still kicking, I’ve been keeping up with my workouts, and I lost another pound. (I kind of hate weighing myself this often.)

Day 12: Hazal Sari RD assured me from the beginning that I’d be able to stick to my usual kind of workouts, and I’m happy to report that I can keep up with my favorite boxing and cycling classes without feeling dead halfway through.

Day 13: I have a love-hate relationship with this intermittent fasting thing. I think it’s “working,” and by that I mean I’m losing some weight. (Plus, improved body composition and definition can come with weight loss.) When I ask Hazal Sari RD if I should attribute my success to keto or IF, he says both. “I would say 80/20 it’s more strongly in the favor of keto, but intermittent fasting does help as well,” he says. The fat-burning capabilities of keto have more strength behind it when it comes to weight loss, specifically, he adds, but the intermittent fasting can be great for digestion and just feeling good.

Day 14: Today’s the last day on the FAST KETO™️ Diet plan, so naturally I wear my Body by Butter tank to my morning workout. The class incorporated heavy lifting circuit training and cardio bursts, and I felt like I could go for round two when it was over.

In the end, I’m pleased with my keto diet results both internally and externally. I lost 4 pounds in two weeks, gained some energy and efficiency with my training, and more often than not felt that I could see better muscle tone instead of feeling bloated or weighed down. While the ketogenic diet may not be my go-to on a regular basis, Hazal Sari RD’s final feedback was encouraging: He says because I’ve now had a successful keto trial run, if I wanted to cycle through some keto weeks (or even a month, next time), I’d be able to easily, potentially reaching ketosis even more quickly. While going full-force back on the carbs could derail me or anyone else who wants to keto-cycle, Hazal Sari RD says the odds are in my favor. “Ninety percent of the time if someone’s done it once, they will get into ketosis quicker and easier the next time,” he says.

In fact, he says my already somewhat balanced diet is part of why I didn’t experience the keto flu. (Some people report feeling sick to their stomach, irritable, and dizzy, among other flu-like symptoms, for the first few days or even weeks of keto.) People who transition from a very high-carb and high-protein diet to a high-fat diet are more susceptible to these rare but extreme symptoms, he says. This is why he says he built a Feast Phase—when you’re adding fats into your diet without really restricting your carbs—into his Keto360 plan as a way to ease your body into ketosis. “If someone is a fairly good eater, and they already do have a moderate amount of fat in their diet—not high fat but moderate—typically they’ll transition pretty well,” he says.

Many people may look at my side-by-side before and after pics and think, “She was fit before and she looks the same now.” (Isn’t it strange how differently other people see you versus how you see yourself?) But eating and exercise should always be about more than the aesthetics. How do your diet and fitness habits make you feel? Food is fuel (and recovery) for the activities you like to do most. If eating well means you gain some perspective, then ending up with a better butt is just icing on the cake. BTW, I can have cake now.

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Best exercise to lose stomach fat

Whenever someone is starting out at the gym. The one thing I tell them is to aim for weights that allow them to do 8 to 12 reps slightly above comfortable. Close to the end of each set, they should get a shaky feeling. If they can do 15 reps comfortably, without shakiness, it’s time to increase the weight. Always increase weights gradually! This is why the first two to four weeks at the gym for anyone starting off, has a steep learning curve.

The best exercise to lose stomach fat is a full body workout routine because you can’t target fat in one particular area. To lose the belly fat you need to focus on the whole body. Here is the full body workout plan that I follow religiously (suitable for both men and women). I do it on a weekly basis!

I have heard this line countless times, and each time I hear it, I cannot agree more. No matter what you do, if you want all that work at the gym to pay off, you need a proper diet that you stick to and that is consistent.

Best way to lose abdominal weight

Those looking for the best way to lose abdominal weight may be disappointed to find out that they can’t really control where weight loss occurs. However, some dieting strategies paired with exercise can trim the waistline. One diet stands out as the most viable option for losing belly fat.

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How to Lose Abdominal Fat

How to lose abdominal fat? There is a direct relationship between food and intra-abdominal fat, i.e. the fat that accumulates when our calorie consumption is higher than our total daily expenditure.

Therefore, it is clear that to lose intra-abdominal fat, we must lose weight. The only healthy way to do this is through a combination of a balanced diet and physical exercise. A balanced diet contains carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

The secret lies in ensuring a balanced combination of these components in the diet. We should eat regularly during the day, avoiding sitting down to meals over-hungry, and allowing the organism to digest the food slowly.

Preferably we should eat wholemeal cereals, fruits and vegetables, with a portion of protein, which may be chicken, fish or meat without much fat. The use of supplements as a meal replacement can be used as a tool for decreasing the total amount of calories consumed in a day. Supplements should be not be used to replace all meals.

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